Heck yes! I am so glad you love the content from your course and you see the value in the program, that you want to purchase Business of Makeup™ Bridal as well!

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“Taking the Business of Makeup course was an incredible way to breakdown every aspect of your business and evaluate and make changes and adjustments to be more successful! As a business owner, hairstylist … we put so much focus on the craft and not enough on the business. Ashley has an incredible business mind and has an impeccable way of merging both flawlessly!

I took away so many systems and ideas from this course. I now feel I have a road map to start to incorporate makeup into my business!!”

– Brooklyn

Add on Bundle: Business of Makeup™ Bridal Course Price : $397

“I felt like this was my Ah ha moment. I had an idea of where I wanted my focus to be on my business but was also trying to master every aspect of makeup. This helped me find tune the direction of my business … I now know exactly what I need to earn to pay myself, cover costs and save money.”

– Andrea