Coaching is my jam! Having someone to hold you accountable, inspire you and direct you to what you need to do to accomplish your goals is the fast track to success! Now you get to have my undivided attention on your specific challenges for 6 whole months. Yes sometimes it takes at least the long to get things moving in the right direction – and I am so proud of you for taking your makeup business to the next level. So happy to be apart of your journey!

Stay Beautiful,

Hitting a snafu or have a question? Please send my team an email at: info@businessofmakeup.com

“Taking the Business of Makeup course was an incredible way to breakdown every aspect of your business and evaluate and make changes and adjustments to be more successful! As a business owner, hairstylist … we put so much focus on the craft and not enough on the business. Ashley has an incredible business mind and has an impeccable way of merging both flawlessly!

I took away so many systems and ideas from this course. I now feel I have a road map to start to incorporate makeup into my business!!”

– Brooklyn

Business of Makeup® 6-Month Mentorship Upgrade
Payment Plan: 2 payments of $1000/month

“I felt like this was my Ah ha moment. I had an idea of where I wanted my focus to be on my business but was also trying to master every aspect of makeup. This helped me find tune the direction of my business … I now know exactly what I need to earn to pay myself, cover costs and save money.”

– Andrea